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DJI Avata Cheat Sheets - FLY APP Settings

DJI Avata Cheat Sheets - FLY APP Settings

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Never forget the settings to use.  Always with you.  Get the most out of the DJI Avata FPV


Specially designed for the DJI Avata.  This is a fantastic drone but you need to use the correct settings to get the most out of it.  When out flying it's easy to forget the best settings to use.

These 12 Cheat Sheets allow you to always have them with you and choose the correct settings and tips!  Includes a ND Filter guide, Manual shots to master, Quick Glance settings, failsafes, simulator advice and more!  I have also created a Pre Flight CheckList to follow before every flight to make sure the drone is safe and you have selected the perfect settings!

This is an instant download and can be stored direct on your phone/tablet or printed full size A4 or my preferred credit card size!    ( Instructions attached in download folder)

For this small price you can have access to the key DJI FLY Settings I use when out in the field flying the DJI Avata


You will be sent a instant download link which will include a zip folder.  Unzip the folder to access all the Cheat sheets.  If downloading on mobile please use a unzip app to unzip the zip file and then save to your phone.

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  • Knowledge

    Remembering all the DJI FLY Settings is difficult. Cheat Sheets allow you to always have knowledge with you when out flying the drone!

  • FPV + Cinematic

    Each Cheat Sheets covers ALL the key settings you SHOULD use. Designed for various drones in full detail

  • Instant Download

    You get access to the Cheat Sheets instantly! In HIGH RES beautiful clear text and images. You can store on your phone or print out