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DJI AIR 3 Cinematic LUTS

DJI AIR 3 Cinematic LUTS

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  • These DJI Air 3 CINEMATIC DRONE LUTs were designed to work perfectly on the DJI Air 3. All you need to do is apply one of the Premium Luts and get a perfect cinematic image on your video.
  • This Gold Combo gives you 15 Normal Luts and 14 D-Log M 10bit Luts
  • D-Log M to Rec709 Conversion Lut


  • Use D-Log M 10bit Colour Profile on the DJI Air 3 but skip the lengthy colour grading process by using my specially designed Luts.  Drag and Drop! 






  • These work with any editor program that lets you load custom lut .cube files. Final Cut Pro, Premier, DaVinci, Lumafusion, CapCut etc
  • Drag and drop to get pro looking video in seconds.



       This is an instant download, the DJI Air 3 Luts will be sent to your email address.

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  • D-Cine & Normal LUTS

    You get Luts for D-Log M & Normal Colour profiles saving you hours of time trying to colour grade !

  • Designed For DJI Air 3

    The Luts have been specially designed to work on the DJI Air 3 to get amazing results fast!

  • Compatible on Editors

    My LUTS work on ANY video editor that allows you to use Custom Luts. Final Cut Pro, DaVinci Resolve, Premier Pro, Lumafusion etc

Designed for Air 3

These video Luts have been specially designed to work on the DJI Air 3's D-Log M and Normal Colour profile. Giving you a huge variety of different looks and feels of your video without having to do lengthy colour grading.